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Strong & Toned in 8 Weeks - The Ultimate Guide

Taking you step by step through your training, nutrition and mindset to unlock your most confident self in just 8 weeks. 

Brianna Gibson Fitness

"I went from feeling controlled by food and desperate to lose weight to developing a healthy relationship with food and exercise that is sustainable for the rest of my life."

- Brianna Gibson, Qualified Personal Trainer (Over 10 years experience)

"The 10kg fat loss was just a by-product of changing my habits."


  • You want an effective step by step plan to follow

  • You have access to a gym

  • You want to see a noticeable difference in your body in 8 weeks

  • You want improved strength, body tone and energy.

Before I became a Personal Trainer, I was a beginner in the gym. I had dabbled in weight training a bit and could see some differences emerging in my body from it. But, it wasn't until I enlisted the help of a trainer that I started to see some incredible results.

He wrote me up an exercise plan to follow, as well as a meal plan with recipe suggestions. Applying the precision of planning to my goals was a GAME CHANGER and over the period of just 8 weeks I saw changes that really boosted my confidence. I was leaner, stronger and had much more sustained energy throughout the day to get things done. 

Now, spending over 10 years as a Personal Trainer and having helped hundreds of other women get the same results, I've put together this intensive 8 week program to guide you every step of the way so you can feel these lifechanging results for yourself.


Are you ready to take your fitness journey to the next level?

This 60 page guide breaks down your training, nutrition and mindset step by step to optimize your results.

What's included?

  • Goal setting guide

  • Before and after fitness assessments 

  • Before and after progress check-ins

  • Mindset and motivation guide

  • Understanding the most effective way to lose weight through energy balance, portion sizing, calories and macros

  • How to calculate your macros and calories for effective results 

  • Meal plan with calories

  • Recipe ideas

  • Training program to follow step by step with video examples (gym based)

  • Recommended supplements.


“Love how everything in this guide is laid out for you in a simple to follow way. You have different options for nutrition and the workout videos linked are really helpful for the exercises I wasn't sure of. Great guide, I look forward to seeing what results I've made at the end!"

Jen Brown


Developed a broad and in-depth understanding on how to track food and what to eat to get better results.

Seen changes in your body such as fat loss, strength and muscle tone from following the step by step nutrition and exercise program.

Feel more energized, fit and healthy, with a fresh mindset based upon self love and acceptance for whatever stage of your fitness journey you're at.

Have questions about whether this program is right for you?

I'm here to help!

I don't have a gym membership, can I still do this program?

Unfortunately, this program is gym based so you will need access to a gym to complete the program. Instead, check out my customized Online Coaching to get a program designed for your body's needs that you can do at home.

I have an injury or medical condition, is it safe for me to do this program?

I recommend consulting with your healthcare provider before starting the program for medical clearance. Depending on the case, they may suggest some adjustments or particular exercises for you to avoid during the program, but in some instances it may not be suitable.

I'm not confident with how to do exercises, is this for me?

Yes, I have accompanying video demonstrations for each of the exercises along with written teaching points so that you know you are performing exercises with correct form. 

Is the program available immediately?

Yes, it will be sent straight to your inbox so you can get started right away. 

Do I have lifetime access to the program?

Yes, you can save the PDF to your phone or computer so that you will always have access. 

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