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Gratitude Practice

Having more gratitude will positively impact your perspective in all areas of your life. It will be most beneficial if you can include this practice as part of your everyday routine and once you’ve done the practice for a week you may like to refine the questions to 3-5 that are most useful to you and your needs. Remember this is a habit that you want to maintain for life because it will greatly impact your mental state, so find a way to include this in your routine.

If you are doing this fist thing in the morning, you can base some of your answers on yesterday. Read the questions and answer them in your head, as the simple act of thinking about each point will have a huge impact on your thoughts. If you prefer to write your answers though, feel free to do so.

Take 10 deep purposeful breaths to calm and center yourself.

5 things I’m grateful for today are:

The best moment of my day so far was:

3 people that I’m grateful for today are: (These can be family, friends, or strangers)

What progress did I make today or what positive choice did I make that is consistent with the person I want to be?

What did I learn today? About yourself or something else.

What challenge am I facing at the moment and what can I learn from it?

Did anything trigger you today (negative emotion coming up)? If so, why? Is this something you would like to change your perspective about or react to in a different way next time?

What 3 body parts am I most grateful for today?

What did I do today just for me?

Where do I need to be kinder to myself?

What are my goals or intentions for the upcoming day? What actions, thoughts and steps do I need to take?

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